It’s Christmas in Halloween Town

It absolutely amazes me how small children bask in the comfort of repetition; able to read the same bedtime story every night for a year, play the same board game 5 times in a row, watch the same movie over and over and over… and over… and over again. It really started to get under my skin when Finding Nemo became a quasi-permanent fixture in our DVD player. I will forever grit my teeth at the sound of Ellen DeGeneres’s voice. Slowly and methodically, my children have instigated a sense of perpetual annoyance towards a growing number of my favorite childhood movies.

But the month of October always seems to bring forth my nerves of steel, impervious to the drone of familiar dialogue and film scores emanating from our television set. Last year, I relished watching Little Shop of Horrors every day for a month. This October, despite watching it a million times in 29 days, The Nightmare Before Christmas has managed to hold its position at the top of my list for favored kid’s films (And before you go ripping into me for letting my preschool-age children watch too much television, you don’t have to waste your breath because I already know it. I welcome the distraction when I need a shower, have twenty loads of laundry to fold, or am on the cusp on consuming an entire bottle of wine to numb the headache from my daughter meowing like a cat for twelve hours straight).

I’ve never been able to figure out if The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween movie or Christmas movie. In the true spirit of my confusion it happened to snow today here in New England, two days before Halloween (hence the film homage in the post title).

Apparently the "land of four seasons" is now the "land of three and a half seasons".

Despite all the snow, I’m still in a Halloweenie kind of mood, so here’s a little sneak peak into our October festivities.

Apple carving:

"Hey Larry, you think they'll recognize us at the costume party?"

Jack O’ Lantern Craft:

Five little pumpkins, hanging above the door. One got annihilated, and then there were four.

Handprint Ghosts:

Quite possibly the cutest craft project ever.

Sparkly Spiders:

Painting and Glitterizing Gourds:

First the painting...

...then the glitterizing.

And finally, Halloween Costumes:

Me: “What do you want to be for Halloween this year?

Chris: “An Optimus Prime big rig truck!

Emma: “Stormcloud!

Me: “What’s a stormcloud?

Emma: “She’s an X-Man, silly goose!

Me: (combination deep breath/long sigh/eye roll) “Okay, I’ll see what I can do.

not yo' mama's homemade halloween costumes.

In your opinion is The Nightmare Before Christmas a Halloween or Christmas movie? Aaaaaaand I’m curious, if you have kids do they have a certain movie that they love to watch over and over again? Let us know in the comments section below!





One response to “It’s Christmas in Halloween Town

  1. Lovely post and great photos. I especially enjoyed the apple carving one! I’d say the Nightmare Before Christmas is probably more for Halloween. And hey, with the snow this Halloween it can serve a little as both.

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