Homemade Holidays DIY Gift Guide: For Her

It’s time to get cracking on your holiday gift giving if you haven’t already – and what’s the most budget friendly way to give to everyone on your list? DIY of course!

Homemade gifts have come a long way from grandma’s fruitcakes (but just to be clear, I’ve never once received a fruitcake from my grandmothers) and  ugly knit Christmas sweaters that you receive with a smile while thinking “I will NEVER wear that”.  With the help of the internet you can find a tutorial for virtually anything these days, and there is certainly an abundance of wonderful DIY gift-worthy ideas.

Below is a roundup of some of the best homemade gift ideas I’ve found for the women in your life. And fear not, I’ve included something for everyone, so even if your DIY level of expertise is non-existent there will surely be a project you can tackle!

1. Friendship Bracelets: Who says friendship bracelets are only for grade school besties? This tutorial is great because it bypasses the endless rows of time-consuming knots in favor of an easy braid, and I love how the colors and charms can be personalized. Go ahead and make a set for your best girl friend!

dip-dyed shirt tutorial via marthastewart.com

2. Dip Dyed Shirt: Snag an inexpensive basic white tee and some fabric dye to make this frugal-chic top for that fashion forward woman in your life.

vanilla sugar scrub tutorial via looking-for-stars.blogspot.com

3. Vanilla Sugar Scrub: I made sugar scrub for my mom and sister a few years ago, and they used it up in no time flat. If you know a woman who loves to take an extra moment each day to pamper herself, this is the perfect gift for her.

jersey lace scarf tutorial via acupofsparkle.blogspot.com

4. Jersey Lace Scarf Tutorial: This is a sewing project, but a pretty darn easy one.  I love that you can repurpose an old tshirt for the scarf, making it an eco-friendly and budget friendly gift! So pretty and romantic. Note to anyone: please make me this for Christmas. Thanks.

DIY Flower Headband

fabric flower headband tutorial via starsforstreetlights.com

5. Fabric Flower Headband: Headbands are the cure-all for bad hair days, every girl should have one in her fashion arsenal. Whip out your glue gun and craft up one of these for the lady in your life that suffers perpetual bedhead, and gift her the ability to tame those tresses in style.

starbucks cup cozy via twininspiration.blogspot.com

6. Starbucks Cup Cozy: Does your coworker walk into the office with a smile and signature cup o’ joe each morning? Make this easy sewing project for all the caffeine addicts in your life (and for a no-sew cup cozy scroll to the bottom of the tutorial).

repurposed yoga mat bag via thenewnew.blogspot.com

7. Repurposed Yoga Mat Bag: I’m no yogi, but I can imagine that anyone who loves yoga would love to have a cool tote to carry their mat to wherever they do their, uh, yoga stuff. There were a ton of tutorials for cute yoga bags, but I was drawn to this one because (a) it’s a repurpose project (eco-friendly, yay!) and (b) it has pockets. And I’m kind of obsessed with pockets on everything. This is a more of an “advanced-beginner” sewing endeavor that anyone can tackle with a bit of determination.

paint swatch chandelier via heygorg.com

8. Paint Swatch Chandelier: So charming. Enough with the drooling, get started on your paint chip hoarding NOW so you can wow one of the ladies on your Christmas gift-giving list.

DIY doily stationery set via sparkleandhay.com

9. Doily Stationery Set: In this age of technology, sometimes people forget how wonderful it is to give and receive hand written correspondence.  Give her an excuse to drop you a written line with perfectly feminine homemade stationery.

cabochon post earrings via simplecrafter.com

10. Cabochon Post Earrings: Women love jewelry, and what woman wouldn’t love a handmade pair of earrings crafted lovingly by you? These are as easy as it gets, and super inexpensive to boot. You can find a huge variety of cabochons on etsy.com, & the other materials at your local craft supply store.

Stay tuned to this blog for upcoming DIY gift guides for men, kids, pets, edibles and more!

Will you be making the women in your life homemade gifts this year? Let us know in the comments section below!

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10 responses to “Homemade Holidays DIY Gift Guide: For Her

  1. These ideas are gorgeous! Especially the stationary set…. might have to give some of these a try.

  2. These ideas are wonderful! I’ll be adding a few to my Pinterest Boards..

  3. Thanks for including my DIY paint chip project on here 🙂

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  5. Thanks for the lovely ideas.

    If I may, I would like to add another idea – it is a practical gift that is very easy to make – dry erase monthly wall calendar.

    You take a portrait frame and take its backing. Create an empty monthly template – 7 columns (one for every day) and 6 rows – print it and paste it to the backing of the frame. Decorate it and personalized it. Make an empty line for the name of the month. When you are done – put the backing back and – that’s it!!!

    Your recipient can use erasable marker to fill in the important dates and tasks.

    You can add a little “notes” or “to do” list.

    This is a perfect gift for the busy wife that juggle between her day job, the kids and running the house.

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