Homemade Holidays DIY Gift Guide: For Him

Google “homemade gifts for men” and you’ll probably find the same five results over… and over… and over again. Chances are, if you’ve done homemade gifts for your guys in the past you’ve surely barreled through the generic list of “no-sew fleece blankets, crochet scarf, BBQ meat rubs, keychains and mix-tape CDs”, and are now cruising the internet in search of some new ideas.

Search no more, here’s a roundup of some cool handmade dude-friendly gifts that the men in your life are sure to appreciate! Click on the titles or photos to see the tutorials.

1. DIY Monogram Mugs: Inspired by the popular Anthropologie mugs, the DIY version is cheaper and so easy to do. Take a trip to your local Goodwill and scoop up enough mugs to make a cool, personalized gift for each of the men in your life. Fill it with their favorite candy, package of ground coffee or hot cocoa mix.

DIY monogram mug via designmom.com

2. Etch-a-Sketch iPad Cozy: If your guy is a kid at heart, he’s bound to love this cool iPad cover. It uses felt and requires basic sewing skills for this budget friendly and fun guy gift.

Etch-a-Sketch iPad Cozy via smashedpeasandcarrots.blogspot.com

3. Suitcase Table: If you’re lucky enough to score a cool vintage suitcase and know a guy who likes to travel, check out this tutorial for a cool piece of man-furniture that is sure to impress.

Suitcase Table via mrs-adventure.com

4. Pegboard Tool Organizer: I have one of these in my kitchen (well, a ghetto-hacked version of this) holding my pots and pans, but I always think about how we’ll build one for my husband’s tools when we buy our first home. If you have a handyman in your life, he’ll totally appreciate this cool tool organizer.

Pegboard Tool Organizer via marthastewart.com

5. Homemade Zen Garden: Gift a guy one of these to help him de-stress the zen way. This is super easy and a great gift for the office desk.

Homemade Zen Garden via curbly.com

6. 8-Bit Mario Blanket:  If you know how to crochet, dust off those needles and whip up this cool granny square blanket for your video game enthusiast. If you don’t crochet, I bet you could cut fleece or flannel squares and stitch them together in the same fashion to create this nerd-cool gift.

8-Bit Mario Blanket via instructables.com

7. DIY Comic Book Coasters: Here’s another nerd-cool gift. Coasters get a fun makeover with comic book graphics and a little bit of mod podge.

DIY Comic Book Coasters via thepinktoque.com

8. Upcycled Golf Club Cozy: Perplexing fact #7,438, 902: guys love golf. I will never understand why, it’s so slooooooooow. And quiet. And sloooooooow. Indulge the man’s love for painfully slow sports this season with some golf club cozies made from recycled sweaters.

A club head cover made from a sweater will dress up a golf game and keep an old sweater out of the landfill.

Upcycled Golf Club Cozy via craftstylish.com

9. Etched Mustache Glasses: Men and mustaches go together like gin and tonic. If you know a guy who longs for a hip handlebar but is more eyelash than mustache, gift him these cool glasses and let him live vicariously through the vessel.

Etched Mustache Glasses via quitelikeit.com

10.  Vintage Book E-Reader Cover: For the resident bookworm, here’s a tutorial to marry old school and new school for the coolest read in town.

Vintage Book E-Reader Cover via lhj.com

Stay tuned to this blog for upcoming DIY gift guides for kids, pets, edibles and more!

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Will you be making the men in your life homemade gifts this year? Let us know in the comments section below!

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