Monday Menu Plan: 12/12-12/18

In the true spirit of my typical holiday season, this week is quickly becoming a frenzy of pre-Christmas preparation and has left me no opportunity to post the Monday Menu Plan until now. So today I give you the Monday Menu Plan, the Tuesday Edition. As you can see, I already botched a meal & resorted to takeout, and tonight we ate dinner at my grandmother’s house after a long day of baking DELICIOUS cookies. Actually, it may be safe to say that I ate cookies for dinner, but I would never publicly admit that. Oh, wait…

Madhouse cookie baking session: ginger cookies, snickerdoodles, and Paula Deen's gooey butter cookies (two ways).

Breakfasts: baked oatmeal, fresh fruit, homemade yogurt, eggs & toast

Lunches: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cold cut sandwiches, fresh fruit and veggies, leftovers

Snacks: fresh fruit and veggies, popcorn, veggie straws, cookies, cookies, cookies


  • butter beans & rice This was a disaster, we ordered Chinese takeout
  • roasted cauliflower
  • pasta with parmesan cheese, butter & broccoli chicken noodle soup at Gramma’s after a long day of baking
  • roasted chicken
  • green beans
  • veggie scramble
  • toast
  • salad
  • braised beef
  • glazed carrots
  • homemade rolls
What’s on your menu plan this week? Share in the comments below!  And if you want  information on how to plan a weekly menu, click HERE.
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