Homemade Holidays DIY Gift Guide: Sweet and Savory Food Gifts

Sorry for the absolute last minute-ness of this post, I’ve been sick with a case of the who-knows-what for the past couple of days. But an edibles gift guide I promised, so an edibles gift guide you all shall receive!

Instead of standing in line for ten million years (no joke) to purchase a random something at your local big box store for that last minute present-you-forgot-to-get, head to the kitchen and whip up a few budget friendly edible treats for gift giving this Christmas!

Here’s a roundup of 30 of the best homemade food gift recipes around. And don’t worry, there’s something for everyone on your list!

1. Chocolate Gooey Butter Cookies: Paula Deen went and did it, she clogged my arteries for Christmas. My grandma and I made a few batches of these the other week, and let me tell you they are sinfully good. What I particularly like about this one is that you can use any kind of box cake mix, so if you don’t dig chocolate that’s a-ok. We used funfetti cake mix (my guilty pleasure) and they were just as amazing.

chocolate gooey butter cookies via foodnetwork.com

2. Peppermint Bark: This isn’t your average holiday peppermint bark. Some genius at the Martha Stewart compound decided to add puffed rice cereal (aka rice krispies) to the recipe. It brings this yummy treat from “oh hey” to “OH HEY HEY!”.

peppermint bark via marthastewart.com

3. Homemade Magic Shell: When I was little, I had a great grandmother named Mee Mee. I remember four very specific things about Mee Mee: she had her own couch, she loved those fiber optic light thingies, she gave me an opal ring when I turned 10, and she could make magic shell. I thought anyone who could make magic shell (Mee Mee) must be magic. I still do.


homemade magic shell recipe via gerberadesigns.com

4. Beef Jerky: Beef jerky is expensive. And gooooood. And expensive. This one is a surefire guy gift (although frankly I’d love to receive some myself), and frugal to boot. I’ve used Alton Brown’s beef jerky recipe and let me just say, YUM. He builds a dehydrating contraption to make his, but you can use a regular dehydrator or even your oven to get the job done.

Picture of Beef Jerky Recipe

beef jerky recipe via foodnetwork.com

5. Homemade Cheddar Cheese Crackers: This goldfish-like cracker is a great savory alternative to the onslaught of cookie, candy and cake recipes that you come across when you google “homemade food gifts”. And waaaaay easy too.

homemade cheddar cheese crackers via homecookinginmontana.blogspot.com

6. Homemade Granola: Granola is great for gift-giving; it’s cheap, it’s easy, it’s adaptable, it stays fresh forever and it’s so darn tasty. My personal granola recipe is just oats, butter or oil, brown sugar, corn syrup or honey, vanilla and a few shakes of cinnamon, but the possibilites are endless and so are the recipe sources. I’ve linked to a basic recipe, but feel free to explore the internet in search of that “perfect” granola… or make up your own!


basic granola formula via thekitchn.com

7. Eggless Cookie Dough Bites: What’s that you say? You need a gift for a girl between the ages of 12 and post-menopausal? THESE. As my Aunt Wendy would say, “nuff said”.

cookie dough bites

eggless cookie dough bites recipe via family.go.com

8. Homemade Butterfingers: Prepare to have your mind blown. There are only three ingredients in this homemade candy recipe: chocolate, peanut butter and CANDY CORN. Don’t you feel like you just inherited the secrets of the universe?  Pass them on this Christmas and wow your gift recipients with a little homemade Butterfinger candy action.

homemade butterfingers recipe via inkatrinaskitchen.com

9. Hot and Spicy Pecans: Spice things up this Christmas with this recipe for savory spiced nuts. If you’re not a fan of pecans, change things up and use peanuts, almonds or even a party mix instead. If you’re not a fan of nuts or have a nut allergy, try this roasted chickpea recipe from thekitchn.com for similar results.

hot and spicy pecans recipe via allrecipes.com

10. Wine: Okay, so wine isn’t exactly homemade, but bear with me. If you’re not savvy in the kitchen, you can improvise! Gift a bottle of wine and wrapt it with a cute pair of knee socks for some homemade flair. See? Edible and homemade. It counts.

gift wrapped wine bottle via formalfringe.com

Here are a few more links to tasty gift worthy treats:

What homemade edible gifts are you making this Christmas? Share with us in the comments section below!

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5 responses to “Homemade Holidays DIY Gift Guide: Sweet and Savory Food Gifts

  1. Great post for the holidays!

  2. great ideas! think i’ll make some granola with my leftover dried fruit and nuts and the cheddar cheese crackers sound awesome too!

  3. I really like your idea about granola. Thanks!

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  5. Mmm…everything looks so good! Thanks for including my cookies and cream bars. That beef jerky is calling my name, I have never tried making my own before! 🙂

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