Monday Menu Plan: 1/23-1/29

We’re on vacation this week! Not in the sense that we’ll be laying on a beach in sunny Cancun, but my husband is taking a vacation week from work and will be hangin’ with the home crowd for the next 8 days. It’s really easy to get stuck in the “I’m saving a ton of money by not going away for vacation, so I’ll splurge and eat out a lot instead!” mindset, and we’re trying to avoid that by sticking with our menu planning. But we’re definitely going to eat out on Thursday night when Mike takes me to see Wicked (!!!) on Broadway. Does anyone have any recommendations for good places to eat in Midtown NYC? Every time we go into the city we fall into the chain restaurant trap, and I’d love to expand my horizons with new-to-me tasty local eats.

Chocolate english breakfast tea: the perfect "be lazy" drink for my "be lazy" week.

Breakfasts: baked oatmeal, eggs & toast, fresh fruit, homemade yogurt, spinach smoothies

Lunches: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, tuna sandwiches, fresh fruit and veggies, leftovers

Snacks: fresh fruit and veggies, popcorn, graham crackers and peanut butter, applesauce, yogurt, jello, hard boiled eggs


  • meatball parmesan subs (rollover from last week)
  • fresh veggies and dip
  • dinner out – visiting with Mike’s dad
  • vegetable and dumpling soup
  • homemade french bread
  • dinner out in New York City
  • baked ziti
  • salad
  • homemade french bread
  • black bean and corn enchiladas
  • salad
  • roasted chicken
  • rice
  • green beans or broccoli
What’s on your menu plan this week? Share in the comments section below! If you blog your own menu plan, leave a link so we can check it out. And if you want information on how to plan a weekly menu, click HERE.

2 responses to “Monday Menu Plan: 1/23-1/29

  1. Sounds really good….esp…the eat out when on vacation….that’s what we always did when kids were small……never cared where or what as long as there was no cooking and/or dishes !

  2. The at home dinners may be more worth waiting for than the out on the town dinners.. For real, the flavor is usually more better than going out, because when you go out, the food flavors tend to blend together. WE’re gonna have some good eats this week.!!!

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