30 Day Shred Update: Days 8 & 9

Me post workout on day 9. Oddly reminiscent of me post workout on day 1?

I have a terrible confession to make. I have been extremely lazy with exercising over the past week. I could go through my list of excuses, but I realize that there really is no valid excuse for why I haven’t sucked it up and done the workout.

Not to say that I haven’t exercised at all in the past week, but I’ve done the Shred exactly TWO times in the past seven days. If I want to make myself feel better, I can count three hours of shoveling our driveway after last Saturday’s snowstorm as exercise. But it was kind of an unavoidable task.

Why, do I think, did I take so many days off from my planned exercise routine? I’ll tell you – I took ONE day off. Just one day was enough to break the habit for me, and once I realized I could take a day off my brain gave me the guilt-free OK to take off more “just one day”s.  To combat this, I’ll have to go back to making exercise a daily thing. If I can change my underwear everyday, or eat breakfast everyday, I can certainly commit to exercising everyday. It’s when I take a “break day” that I fall off the wagon.

Day 8: After taking my first break the day before, I started off a little rough. I could tell that I hit the pause button to recuperate, because I had to stop more frequently throughout my workout to catch my breath (or wallow in the pain of a push-up). The jump rope move has become my enemy, and I dread the 30 second bursts of bouncing uncomfortably. My muscles were a little sore, my stomach was in knots, and I felt more like I did on day 3 than I should by day 8. I pushed through it, but not without some major effort on my part.

Day 9: I took another break day after day 8, and day 9 was my terrible, horrible, no good, very bad workout. It was day 2 all over again. There was not a single set of exercises that I made it through smoothly. My muscles were on fire, I wanted to vomit, my lungs crapped out after just one set of jumping jacks. I held back tears just long enough to finish my 20 minutes. I couldn’t even finish the post-workout stretches, I just laid there, a sad blob on the floor dying on our beige rental carpet. My friend Angela warned me that taking days off in between would make the workout harder to endure, but I ignored her advice and now paid dearly for my disregard.

On a side note, the following day my husband and I shoveled our driveway (which is really big, no joke). I was a total snow-shoveling powerhouse, and I attribute my three hour streak of endurance to working out. I may not notice a difference yet in the way my clothing fits, but I do feel stronger. I feel better.

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