30 Day Shred Update: Days 10, 11 & 12

Emma, rockin' the 30 Day Shred

I have yet another terrible confession to make. Since writing my last post in which I committed myself to an uninterrupted daily workout regimen, I’ve managed to skip two more of the past five days. Thursday morning had us out of bed with a running start, there simply was not a spare 25 minutes to commit to our exercise. And Saturday, well, you don’t want to know the details. Let’s just say I probably would’ve vomited or pooped my pants if I attempted a jumping jack, and we’ll leave it at that. And that leaves the three days that I worked out.

Day 10: I found the secret to my true motivation for exercising on day 10: my daughter Emma. As soon as she saw us pop in the 30 Day Shred DVD that morning, she was all about doing the workout with Mike and I. We grabbed her a set of weights (aka the two smallest soup cans we could find), she put on some shoes, and jumped in with the  enthusiasm of, well, a 3 year old. And it was HILARIOUS. I don’t know how I managed to laugh through the breathlessness of an intense workout, but I did. It made my workout so easy with Emma as my happy distraction that I never noticed whether or not I was experiencing discomfort. She did everything we did with such strong conviction it put us grown ups to shame. Squats, lunges, arm presses, jumping jacks, push ups (!?!)… she did it all. And she never quit. She made me realize that if a 3 year old can do it, I certainly can too. Emma proved that all we have to do is make it fun, and exercise doesn’t have to be a big scary monster. If you’re struggling to make it through the 30 Day Shred, I implore you to, please, get a lively young child involved. If you don’t have one of your own, I’m sure you can rent one from a relative or something.

Day 11: This is the day that I was supposed to advance to Level 2 of the Shred, but I’ve postponed. Taking days off has lowered my stamina, and I want to be back where I was physically on day 7 before I put more strain on my body than I can handle. Maybe after I’ve hit four consecutive days of exercise I’ll be brave enough. I’m also a little weenie about it, especially after Connie, an old friend of mine, informed me that I will probably want to die after I move on to Level 2. Waaaaaaaah (<–that’s me, being a weenie).

So the day before my 11th workout day Mike took me into the New York City to see Wicked on Broadway. It was awesome. But it was raining so I wore rubber rain boots (obviously), and walking through the city did a number on my heels and toes. Working out the next morning was double crappy because Mike convinced me to work out with my pained feet before I ate breakfast. NEVER AGAIN. I’m a daily breakfast eater and need to have at least one cup of tea to function at the most basic level, so I was running on a dead battery. I was a sorry excuse that morning, and complained more than moved. My reps were in the single digits, I didn’t even attempt a handful of the moves, and I cussed like a sailor the entire time (don’t worry, the kids were at my dad’s for a sleepover). All in all, it was a pathetic day for me. Note to self: never, ever work out before eating breakfast ever again.

Day 12: I took another day off (for my aforementioned Saturday woes) and Sunday morning we jumped back on the bandwagon. Emma joined us again but was disinterested after the first two circuits. I made sure I ate breakfast first this time, and I made it through the entire workout with only two brief pauses to catch my breath (and no cussing today, hehe). Mike is pressuring me to move on to Level 2 but I’m still not ready yet.  My biggest victory today was right before I hopped in the shower post workout, and curled my arm to make a muscle. Do you know what I saw in the mirror? A bicep! I have an actual, carved out, don’t-have-to-squint-to-see-it bicep! Wuddup. I’m awesome.

I’ll leave you all with a few more photos of Emma working out with us. They aren’t the best pictures, but points to Mike for attempting to document the hilarity.

Emma doing knee circles with Jillian

Perfect form.

Laughing at Emma while trying to do my modified push ups = NOT recommended.

Watching Emma try to do butt kicks was hilarious. She couldn't figure out how to kick something that was behind her. PS- note her pants are gone. She changed into shorts. She also changed her outfit 3 other times during our workout.

Static lunges, she gave up on her "weights". I don't blame her.

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5 responses to “30 Day Shred Update: Days 10, 11 & 12

  1. This is awesome to see:)) I think it’s safe to say that Emma was having a great time:))

  2. Would it be weird if I said I love your curtains? Cause I do. My little guy likes to do pilates with me… but he gets bored about 10 minutes in.

  3. I have that DVD. I did it twice. Maybe you’ll inspire me to do it again. I hated that thing! But if someone actually give a solid effort to it for 30 days, it’d improve a body.

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