Homemade Holidays: The Valentines Day Edition

One of my all-time favorite childhood memories is making our own valentines to share with classmates each year. My mom would crack open the red and pink paper, scissors, glitter, stickers, glue and doilies and we would go to town for a crafternoon at the kitchen table (yes, I just said crafternoon, and yes, I am a total nerd). I loved to personalize my cards – there were always a few extra shiny heart stickers on the valentines for my best friends and (later on) the boys who I thought were the cutest. The highlight of the whole experience was handing them out in class and receiving cards in return. Sure, I was always excited to get a super rad Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles valentine from a bestie, but there was always an unspoken connection and respect for my fellow homemade valentine makers.

Here’s a roundup of valentine tutorials you can do this weekend that are sure to earn you major points this Valentine’s Day.

1. Handmade Paper Doily ValentineDoilies are the ultimate Valentine’s Day craft supply. I’m pretty sure every handmade Valentine’s Day card I ever made involved doilies. Subsequently, every handmade Valentine’s Day card I ever made was awesome. In conclusion, doilies = awesome.

Handmade Paper Doily Valentine via kidsfunreviewed.com

2.  Heartbreaker Valentines: I absolutely love this idea. I love it so much, it’s on my to-do list for this Valentine’s Day.

Heartbreaker Valentines via danamadeit.com

3. Crayon Hearts: Oh, Martha. I heart you.

Crayon Hearts

Crayon Hearts via marthastewart.com

4. Go Ahead {Burst} My Bubble Valentine: A brilliantly unique alternative to your standard Valentine, and bound to be a huge hit with your garden variety “search and destroy” type child.

Go Ahead {Burst} My Bubble Valentine via thegunnysack.com

5. Heart On A Chain: I know this is a craft aimed at pint-sized recipients, but I would totally love to receive one of these handmade clay heart bracelets for Valentine’s Day.

Heart On A Chain via ohhappyday.com

6. Paint Strip Valentine’s Day Cards: A more “grown up” approach to Valentine’s Day cards with paint swatches. And dirt cheap, it’s a winner!

Paint Strip Valentine's Day Cards via countryliving.com

7. 14 Days of Love: This valentine reminds me of those coupon books, but less likely to get lost at the bottom of a sock drawer.

Pinned Image

14 Days of Love via dotcomwomen.com

8. Lollipop Photo Card Valentines: Did I save the best for last? Of course I did! Go grab your camera and an exacto knife and get crackalackin’ on this cool valentine project.

lollipop valentine photo easy

Lollipop Photo Card Valentines via designmom.com


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