About Me

Hello, world. My name is Corrie.

I’m a homemaker, mother, partner in crime (in no particular order).

I like tea, fresh air, the color yellow, zombies, potato bread, rainbows, autumn, John Hughes’ movies, blown glass paperweights, crayons and film scores.

Born and raised in New England, I grew up a fickle young thing with an affinity for engaging in adolescent shenanigans (which subsequently carried over into my adulthood). Then four short years ago I was thrust into a world of responsibility, consisting mainly of diapers, dinners and dirty dishes. With nothing but my instincts (and internet search engines) to guide me through the adventures of homemaking, I’ve managed to trip, slip and fumble my way through this new way of life. Down the line I’ve learned that homemaking is so much more than soap operas and bon bons – both of which I have yet to indulge in;  it’s about learning, growing a home and a family, and making memories that will last a lifetime and beyond.  I’m writing this blog to document how my clan and I manage along in this crazy little life of ours.


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