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Plan Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Part 2): DIY Decorating on a Budget

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I’m seeing more and more cars driving down the street with Christmas trees on their roofs. You know what that means… time to decorate for the holidays. It’ll only be a matter of time before your crazy neighbor is using up enough wattage in Christmas lights to power a third world country, so why not jump on the bandwagon and crank out some awesome budget friendly decorations of your own! Here are some of my favorite DIY Christmas decorating ideas/projects, complete with links to the tutorials to get you started:

Gum Drop Pomander Ornament via myblessedlife.net

1. Gum Drop Pomander Ornament: These are awesome. I detest the taste of gum drops, but they are so pretty and festive that I love to see a functional use for them other than bedazzling the sides of gingerbread houses (or eating, blech). As I was cruising the web I came across a great tutorial for a gum drop wreath also. Check it out. I never realized that gum drops could inspire such awesome, dirt cheap projects!

Paper Stars via themagiconions.blogspot.com

2. Hanging Paper Stars: All you need is some thick square paper (the packs of scrapbooking paper you get at craft stores are perfect!), scissors, glue and ribbon to make these. I have them hanging in my home year-round, they’re a great way to add color to our home and an inexpensive way to decorate.

ROY G BIV Wreath via kojodesigns.blogspot.com

3. ROY G BIV Wreath: Cut, poke, hang. Love it. I imagine it can probably be made with felt instead, since we don’t all have piles of colorful woolen felted sweaters just laying around waiting to be repurposed.

Baby Sock Advent Calendar via marthastewart.com

4. Baby Sock Advent Calendar: Holy cuteness, batman. I already have the advent calendar from my childhood that my mom gifted to us a few years back, but if I didn’t, don’t think for a hot second that I wouldn’t be using this as an excuse to hang 25 adorable itty bitty baby socks in my home.

Cedar Wreath "Chandelier" via marthastewart.com

5. Cedar Wreath “Chandelier”: Oh Martha, you went and did it again, you made me swoon. The queen of craft made hanging a bunch of dying branches over your table look elegant. This is why, no matter how much she gets under my skin, Martha Stewart and her posse of glue gun-wielding goons will always have a place in my heart.

Pine Cone Garland via twigandthistle.com

6. Pine Cone Garland: Although I’m a total technicolor addict, I adore the look of simple, natural decorations. This garland couldn’t be easier, and if you live near a wooded area you can make use of mother nature’s free supplies!

Pompom Pine Cone Forest via letsgoflyakiteuptothehighestheight.blogspot.com

7. Pompom Pine Cone Forest: Speaking of pine cones, THIS. And I’m pretty sure I need some rad little retro fawn figurines in my life…

Pine Cone Trees via momtastic.com

8. Pine Cone Trees: Just how many things can we do with pine cones? Like, a gazillion, fo’ realsies. Pine cones were born to be craft-assaulted. This one reminds me of the project we did in preschool involving paint and glitter. Spray paint makes this a grown up version of that childhood project, but I personally think it could use a little glitterizing also. Just sayin’.

Orange Pomanders via thatartistwoman.org

9. Orange Pomanders: My mom always did these with us for Christmas. I’m pretty sure she still does them to this day. Orange pomanders scream “it’s the holiday season!” and they smell amazing to boot. We always had ours in a bowl on tabletop, but I love how Gail from thatartistwoman.org hangs hers.

Salt Dough Ornaments via diyalert.com

10. Salt Dough Ornaments: No DIY Christmas decorating list is complete without mentioning salt dough ornaments. I’ve done these the past two years in a row with my kids, and it’s becoming a favorite holiday decorating to-do. They also make great keepsakes for young kids to make and gift to the grandparents.

Do you have any great budget-friendly DIY Christmas decorating ideas? Share them with us in the comments section! And if you’ve got any cool Christmas craft tutorials on your blog leave your link below so we can check them out!

You can find part 1 of the “Plan Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” series HERE. Stay tuned for upcoming posts on frugal holiday entertaining and gift giving ideas. Don’t forget to sign up to follow the blog and receive new post notifications via email.


10 under $20: Autumn in the Kitchen on Etsy

I know technically fall began sometime last month, but with all the residual summer weather here in New England I’ve been in total denial. Now that the heat of our little “indian summer” has passed I’ve already baked the inaugural autumn breakfast and am daydreaming of all the warming soups and baked goodie recipes that will be keeping me busy in the kitchen. In the spirit of the “new” season I’ve rounded up some autumn-inspired kitchen finds from Etsy, all for $20 and under. Enjoy!

Mustard Yellow Mug Cozy by natalya1905, $17.50

Sweet Little Tea Cozy by willomays, $15.00

Vintage Stained Glass Owl Trivets by OnTheMend, $18

Pyrex Casseroles Print by lolabags, $10

Coasters in Red/Orange/Yellow Felt (set of 4) by PickyChicky, $16

Set of 6 Mandala Magnets by djclip, $9

Set of 15 Wine Charms by PinkyCrafts, $7

Vintage Pyrex Autumn Harvest Cinderella Bowl by vintageumbrella, $7

Vintage Acorn Salt and Pepper Shakers by happybdaytome, $10

Set of 2 Vintage Anchor Hocking Fire King Mugs by BehindTheScreenDoor, $19

And lastly, I know I said $20 and under, but I just can’t resist adding this adorable bowl. Sugar for your tea, anyone?

Sky Blue Acorn Jar by lbegley, $30