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Monday Menu Plan: 6/11-6/17

Conversation time: I need to talk about dirty dishes.

I’ve been getting along just fine for the past half-dozen years doing the hand washing thaaang. Now that we’re in our new place though, I’ve been reintroduced to the water gulping, electricity sucking monster that is the dishwasher. I had one in the past, but for the life of me I can’t really remember actually using it (although at the time we didn’t have dirty dish mass-producing children yet, so that’s probably why). Being the Frugal McDougal that I am, I’m really struggling with the whole hand washing vs. dishwasher thing.

Now I’ll admit, I haven’t yet googled the heck out of the issue (like I usually do), I figured someone out there in the vast world of interwebs who reads my posts might have some good, relevant information taking up brainspace in their noggin that they’d be willing to share.

So I’m reaching out to you, my wonderful, amazing, beautiful, amazing, smart, funny, amazing readers:
What do you think of hand washing dishes vs. tossing them in the dishwasher?
Is one option greener/cleaner/more economical than the other? What’s your personal dish washing preference?

Menu Planning

Breakfasts: quick oats, eggs & toast, fresh fruit, homemade yogurt

Lunches: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches, pasta with olive oil & parmesan, leftovers, fruits and veggies

Snacks: fruits and veggies, pretzels, yogurt & fruit, applesauce, popcorn


  • impromptu dinner at a friend’s house (originally rice & veggie soup with salad was on the menu, but our homeschool powwow ran gloriously longer than expected!)
  • poached eggs on toast
  • salad
  • Father’s Day Cookout (?)
What’s on your menu plan this week? Share in the comments section below! If you blog your own menu plan, leave a link so we can check it out. And if you want information on how to plan a weekly menu, click HERE.